How to find a good realtor in Moscow?

How to find a good realtor in Moscow?

A good realtor benefits his clients, understands algorithms for promoting advertising in the real estate market and receives a satisfactory result. Moreover, a good realtor is obliged to know everything about the objects of real estate offered to him and to understand engineering and construction technologies. A professional realtor is able to combine several professions - a lawyer, a psychologist, a mortgage broker, a photographer, a sales manager, a rental agent and a real estate appraiser. For 20 years of the existence of the real estate market in Russia, it is the work of professional realtors that step by step formed and improved the quality of the standards of real estate services.

Honest realtor - a myth or not?

Remember, a realtor should be absolutely honest with you. He is always ready to show discernment and tact, and also will find a compromise and will do as you like. How to find an honest realtor in Moscow? In our time they still are, their units, but they love people and their work !!!

An experienced real estate specialist will treat your concerns with understanding and answer all your questions and comments in a reasoned manner. A process of making a deal with real estate should always be to you a clear and understandable.

Successful agent - how to find him?

A successful agent achieves the best possible solution to any goals, thanks to the ability to go beyond the ordinary and desire to think creatively. He offers professional ideas for promotion, sale, purchase and management of real estate. A successful realtor works by appointment only.

The elite realtor in Moscow - how expensive is his work? And in what their difference?

Elite agent - does not always mean excessive cost of services, rather it can be recognised by the ethics of a realtor, competent speech, ability to negotiate, neat appearance and confidentiality.

Elite realtors in Moscow are required to take advanced training courses.

The training programs help to communicate easily to the tenant or buyer what the realtor's work is, that is, how the knowledge and experience of the real estate agent will help you not to lose money and time at all stages of the transaction.

The most popular question is - what is the realtor's responsibility?

The responsibility of a realtor is determined not only by recommendations from friends and reviews on the Internet. The responsibility of a realtor is supported a well-written contract for the provision of real estate services.

The more conditions you will discuss before  the beginning of registration a real estate transaction, the less likely the claims of the parties to each other.

Also, the client should understand that if the contract is signed and the prepayment is already paid (prepayment is included in the final commission fee), the deposit will not be refunded if the client refuses to cooperate for personal reasons. It's fair, since the realtor has already started to work, spent his time and had advertising costs.

Reliable agent takes care of all phases of real estate transactions.

He legally certifies the ownership of the object, fully organizes the process of real estate transactions, helps both sides reach an agreement. He accompanies the collection and submission of the necessary documents, gives recommendations on how to safely settle accounts and organizes the transfer of ownership.

If required, an experienced agent participates in privatization, analyzes the credit programs of different banks and provides the client with up-to-date information on mortgage conditions, thereby reducing risks to a minimum.

A reliable and experienced realtor should be stress-resistant and attentive to detail.


Recognize the professional from the layman will help you to be vigilant, attentive and serious approach to business.

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