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As an agency of suburban real estate, we notice that recently, the townspeople began to think more and more about not only where they live, but also in what conditions. The life of modern man demands from him constant haste, fuss. Work takes most of the energy and time, but its life is less. And so, life in a quiet, green and distant place from the city of turmoil, is almost the main dream of many residents of megacities. In a country house you can not only relax your soul and body, but also to think about the meaning of life. After all, there is not heard the noise of engines, nor the screams of neighbors and of course, there is no smell of burning and smog, which is so typical of cities. What other advantages does the country real estate market offer its owner? Let's take a closer look at this by making an overview of suburban real estate. The cost per square meter in the city, much more expensive than the cost of suburban real estate in the area. Yes, and build an apartment, with the help of co-investors, will be more expensive than suburban real estate in the suburbs. You always, near the house, allow yourself to equip a courtyard with a garden and garden, where you can go out at any minute to work, fry a shish kebab or just breathe fresh air. If we consider an ordinary apartment, then the layout of rooms here is standard layout, and when you want something special, for example, two bathrooms or a spiral staircase to the second floor, or a pool or ...? Yes, you never know what amenities the owner of elite suburban real estate will want, it would be imagination and taste, and of course means. Having a cozy mansion outside the city, you can not only build an underground garage, but also put a bath, for yourself and friends, where there will be no rules, and there is no need to go anywhere. The lack of neighbors behind the wall, creates quiet conditions for human life. No more need to listen to the trampling over your head, scandals behind the wall, and also, do not be afraid of breaking someone else's precious peace - complete freedom of action for all time. Buying their own out-of-town real estate in the Moscow region, families with children will no longer have to be puzzled by the question: where to go for a walk with the child, after all the vehicles everywhere, and plus the whole park is far away. Near the house, children can play freely, breathe fresh air and stay away from the roadway. The ability to have individual heating and running water only complements the idyll of an independent resident. The advantages of a comfortable house in front of a city apartment are obvious to the naked eye, and they can be listed for a long time, but most importantly is the opportunity to enjoy the nature bestowed by God. This is what prompts the city dweller to sell the apartment and leave for a quiet, natural for man, suburb.

The agency of suburban real estate Flatum Realty will help you understand the review of the suburban real estate market in the Moscow region and will consult on buying and renting elite suburban real estate.
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