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Real estate agency in Moscow and the Dominican Republic

The collective of the FLATUM Realty Company is specially organized for people who appreciate their irreplaceable time and are looking for a company with many years of experience in real estate and a warm service. Responsive employees of the company Flatum Realty will conduct a professional assessment of your property, defining the nominal and market value, both in Moscow and in the Dominican Republic. Identify shortcomings and underscore the positive aspects of your property, if you want to sell or rent it. Will help to use the attractive aspects of your property both today and in the future.

Real estate company Flatum Realty since 2002 successfully works in the Moscow real estate market, with customers from Europe, and with the Dominican Republic. Sharing experience abroad helped to enrich yourself professionally and personally. Discernment and kindness allows us to better perform the tasks of our customers, not focusing on the maximum commission, and creative approach to work makes it possible to have a satisfying result of our work and grateful customer feedback about our company.

Real estate agency Flatum Realty offers you only up-to-date, reliable information about the real estate market of the Dominican Republic and the Moscow region.

The full package of real estate services - is an experienced real estate agent, a competent lawyer and a responsible registrar of real estate transactions in one person.

Reliable real estate companies are called upon to provide legal services for the registration of all real estate transactions - physical escort, or remote by proxy, with delivery throughout the planet Earth personally in the hands!

We also conduct an independent evaluation by an expert in real estate in the Dominican Republic or in the Moscow region, both for the creditor bank and for the tax service.

Success comes with a desire to be responsible and able to work with various real estate issues, following the principle of "treat people as you would like them to treat you" - It makes happy our customers and partners!


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